It’s hard to pick a correct theme when you are a beginner. There are thousands of free and paid themes that claim to be the best. We are not here to provide you a list of top themes so that you might get more confused. 

Let’s jump to the topic. If you are looking to build a simple informative website that has some pages like home, about us, contact us, and services then Divi will be the best theme for you. Divi is the most powerful and popular theme out there in the market. You will not find any theme like Divi in WordPress world.Why choose Divi?Divi is fast and very easy to use. If you do not need to make a lot of changes and happy with the layouts, then Divi works perfectly fine. Making it simple, Divi has more than 180+ pre-made websites that you can import into your site. The layouts that Divi offers are considered to be the best designs. So, if you are looking to make a simple informative website, just go with Divi. Install Divi and import the layout and your website is done in some clicks. This saves a lot of time. please keep in mind that, Divi is not free and it does not have any free version. If you want to know more about Divi, visit this blog post.What if,You wanna make an E-commerce website? I would not recommend Divi for an e-commerce site. It has some limitations. So, now the best theme would be Astra. Astra is the most popular theme to build complex websites like e-commerce. Astra is fast and lightweight which increases your website speed. It has many options to modify your shop pages, your single products, blogs, etc. The main advantage is, it can be used for free as well. Astra is Free and Astra Pro is paid. You can visit this Astra Theme Review to gain more information.